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Tanzania :

On our opinion it is the better option for the time being. the average quality of clove is offered around 8150 pmt CFR Nhava Sheva. However, clove stems are too expensive, because the local dealers are blending them with cloves for markets of neighbor countries, which are requesting cheap goods.


the expected quantities will be below 2500 mt and the most port of the crop will come from Moheli where the crop starts just. This is explaining the prise rise at Anjuan, which is nearly sold out. Price level abound 7500 pmt CFR Nhava Sheva. For the time being, Comoros is one of the cheapest origin for clove stems – approx euro 1135 pmt CFR.However with the current freight situation it is is very difficult to take commitment for a specific shipment time. Currently we have approx 6 weeks of delay on the initial schedule…

Madagascar :

The Crop in the South would start on the 27/09/2021. Most of our local partners tell us  that the current quality has lot of baby cloves and high moisture level. So they are not ready to offer until to have dry and clean the expected lots. The Norther crop will start middle October, we don’t expect to get offers until end of October. It is unrealistic to expect shipment of Northern quality before middle November.For the time being, we don’t have export price, we know only the collection prices which make us nervous because Malagasy farmers and middlemen are acting like for speculation. This year, the market will be nervous and bullish.    The only positive think is that the Malagasy crop will be relatively good between 12 000 and 15 000 mt for the time being. However it will not compensate the small Indonesian crop.